Client Requirement

  • Portfolio summary and performance reporting across all portfolios for internal and client use.
  • Director of firm must be able to view all activities within the firm and access all client portfolios.
  • Individual advisers at the firm must be able to access all of their own clients’ data, but not each other’s.

Solution: Reporting

  • Standard reporting implementation through the Market76 application.
  • Each adviser is provided their own login with restrictive access rules.
  • Advisers are able to share specific records with each other for common clients.
  • Admins and managers of the firm are able to centrally monitor and control adviser permissions.

Outcome for Client

  • Significantly decreased compliance overhead for each branch through automation and clear access rules.
  • More consistent, higher quality service to all clients across all advisers.
  • Reduced overhead for on-boarding new clients, allowing advisers to grow business more quickly.