Fee Management in Market76 is both comprehensive and easy. Our full-featured solution ensures you can set the right detailed parameters to automatically calculate fees across all of your accounts and trust that they'll be right.


Reusable fee schedules

Set up standard fee schedules and apply them across multiple accounts and households. Any changes made to the schedule will automatically propagate across all households.


Multi-tiered fee schedules

Apply variable fee rates at different asset levels for a particular fee schedule. We'll automatically calculate the aggregate fee for a household and split it proportionally across its constituent accounts. We also support setting custom fee schedules on particular accounts within a household, distinct from the default schedule used for other accounts.


Multiple types of fee schedules

Easily manage multiple fee schedules that apply on the same account (e.g. Consulting fee v. Administration fee), as well as any outside manager fees that apply. We'll roll up all fees to a single total amount, but make sure you can easily see and explain the constituent parts.

You can also apply different schedules on individual accounts in a household and still tally up appropriately at the household level. No need to double-back and make any manual adjustments.


Account & Asset Exemptions

We support applying fee exemptions for securities across an entire fee schedule, as well as excluding individual accounts or specific position. Every time you run a fee report, these values are automatically deducted and not included in your fees.