Client Requirement

  • GIPS compliant performance reporting across all portfolios.
  • Coverage for assets including Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Swaps, and Forwards from multiple countries of origin.
  • Single, clean source for all portfolio data from all originating source to use in client's internal systems.

Solution: Reporting + Direct Data

  • Standard reporting implementation through the Market76 application.
  • M76 collects direct feeds from all of the manager’s custodians and service providers.
  • M76 provides access for manager to data through the M76 app to use for reporting and other purposes.
  • M76 provides direct data feed of daily reconciled files to client's systems.

Outcome for Client

  • Significant operational time savings for Manager and staff from, allowing more resources to focus on core business.
  • Manager can perform higher quality reporting and more accurate analysis of their portfolios, ultimately providing a better service to their clients.