Our open-architecture platform offers a wide array of reporting capabilities and allows for further customization in 3rd-party applications such as Jaspersoft B, Schwab PortfolioCenter, and Microsoft Excel.

Our reports include, but are not limited to:

  • Performance by asset class, portfolio, manager, etc.
  • Total asset summary
  • Holdings by asset class, country of origin, etc.
  • Realized & Unrealized gains/losses
  • Credit risk analysis
  • Fixed Income analysis
  • Transaction history
  • Cashflow ledger
  • Expenses & fees 
  • Index benchmarking
  • Tax lot history
  • Risk/Return analysis
  • Custom portfolio analytics

All reports and analytics can be produced at every level of the asset hierarchy:

  • Firm
  • Agent (manager, adviser, etc.)
  • N-layered asset groupings (consolidated portfolio/household)
  • Individual Client
  • Individual Portfolio
  • Individual Holding

We also support reporting and analysis of non-financial data, including client communications and document histories. Inquire on the Contact page for more information.

Uncompromising Reporting made easy

With data from all sources normalized to a single robust format, reporting across all client assets is reliable and fast.

Our application and reporting platform makes it easy to get a full view of your clients' assets and report on holdings, transactions, and performance, all based in data you can trust.

We provide GIPS compliant reporting and make it easy for you to operate your business at the highest standard. For more information about the GIPS standards and what's involved, see the CFA Institute GIPS website.

See a full view of your clients all on one page

Login online and see a comprehensive view of your clients holdings and history.


Our flexible asset hierarchy makes it easy for you to produce reports and analysis at every level of your business. Run reports to assess the health of your overall business and aggregate portfolio performance with the same tools and insight available for client reports.

Beautiful, simple reports on-demand

Run easily-digestible reports for your clients live through the online portal.

Customize your reports with your own selected benchmarks and report components.

Enhanced Reporting & Performance Analysis

Looking for more advanced reporting? Send us a message and we'll be happy to work to meet your needs.