Why Every Adviser Needs Market76


Most Cost-effective

Traditional aggregation services cost $5 or more per account for the average adviser--not including reconciliation, reporting, and other requirements. Our services start at less than half of that, including full reconciliation and reporting, fees, compliance, or risk.


Most Accurate

Professional advisers focus on advising, not managing their software. After initial setup, our platform automatically updates all holdings, accounts, and households with the latest market data so all you can get immediate access to the information you need. With data automatically reconciled to 99.99997% accuracy, you won’t need to manually review all of your accounts every time something happens.


Most Flexible

Every custodian, every asset type, and every currency, all processed seamlessly into a single system.


Top Features

All implementations include our comprehensive data aggregation and reconciliation. On top of that, you can add:

  • Performance: GIPS compliant performance, holdings, transactions and flows.
  • Fees: Full-featured schedule management and reporting.
  • Compliance: Coming soon -- Daily reporting across 30 major regulations most applicable to independent RIAs.
  • Risk: Coming soon -- VaR, exposure, and contribution analysis.