The Intelligent Wealth Network™
Market76 is the easiest way to communicate the right information to the right people at the right time for:

Financial Intermediaries
Financial Manufacturers

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Market76 is the easiest way to communicate the right information to the right people at the right time for: It takes at least 2 communications per monthfor a financial service provider to inspireInvestor loyalty. The typical Market 76Advisor supports 140 Investors.Loyal Investors bring 22 times more new AUM to anAdvisor’s practice each year than all other clients.Inspiring loyalty in every Investor necessitates14 advisor-client interactions each day.M76 automated, intelligent messaging drivesdecision-making 15 times more effectively thantraditional forms of financial services communication.Sales costs are growing past 25%* of FinancialProduct Providers’ top lines. Providingpersonalized service and targeted marketing represents a significant part of this expense. InvestorsAdvisorsFinancial IntermediariesFinancial Product Providers The Intelligent Wealth Network™

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Great service delights investors

Collective intelligence empowers great service providers

Market76′s cutting-edge data analytics technology helps identify and address the needs of everyone in your wealth network.

Set Priorities With Complete Information

Market76 helps draw insight from all the people and systems in your network.

Find and seize opportunities

Explore your data with a handful of clicks. Never miss a birthday or a silently dissatisfied investor.

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Connect with people rather than software

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Market76 automatically links email, calendars, custodial data, CRM, and social media to paint a clear, comprehensive picture of your wealth network.

Never reconcile

Market76 identifies changes in your critical systems and automatically reconciles the data in our proprietary database.

Notice everything

Market76 captures and displays a clear picture of customer interactions, capital movements, status updates and more.

Establish deeper, more personal relationships

Market76 is the easiest way to communicate the right information to the right people at the right time.

Eliminate Surprises

Walk into every meeting and answer every phone call confident, informed and prepared.

Ensure investors feel like people, not numbers

Set filters to scan and automatically respond to regular occurrences with personalized communication.

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Build teams across borders

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Market76 allows seamless collaboration with everyone in your wealth network.

Share goals; protect privacy

Manage partners by providing the detail they need, while protecting sensitive information they don’t.

Collaborate with the best partners

Find and work with the right people from your network or our broader Intelligent Wealth Network™ simply and securely.

Secure your data

Lock down private data. Extract intelligence and limit risk exposure by applying technical, process,
and system safeguards.


AES 256-bit encryption with 2-factor authentication.


SSAE-16-compliant hosting and strict access controls.

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Get started fast

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Set-up is quick and easy

Extract more intelligence, build stronger relationships, and increase productivity today.

Go Fast

Activate a personal account, invite your team, and request data from all major custodians in only a few clicks

Dig Deep

We are eager to help integrate any system you already own, tailor analytics to your business and work with your team to help it deliver great results.